Prophecies! Valonqar! A Lannister pays HIS debt!

Now that the Game of Thrones Season 7 is in full swing, all I think about is how will this pan out. One of the questions that constantly reverberates in my mind is “Why did Tyrion ask Danerys to propose an armistice with Cersei.

Well, I believe that is Tyrion’s master stroke! He still wants his family, yes Cersei and Jamie, safe and sound. The only way to guard them from further damage is to make sure THEY DON’T FIGHT Danaerys. Well, how can he do that! First, he somehow needs to make Danaerys stop attacking them. That is the reason why he pounces on the first opportunity – Raven from Winterfell!

The raven clearly states the dead are near. He knows that Danaerys is near-convinced about Jon. When Jon insists that he leaves, he finds THE right moment to pounce. He gauges the air around him, understands Dany is convinced and he plays his card. He uses Dany’s concerns about Cersei attacking Dragonstone in her absence – if Danaerys chooses to go North to help Jon. He says Cersei will believe if Jamie believes. He claims he can convince Jamie for an armistice and join forces hand in hand with Danaerys and Jon to fight the real danger. This way he can at least protect Cersei and Jamie from Danaerys and her dragons – for the time being until he comes up with a better plan to save everyone!

Now moving on to Cersei’s prophecy – everything that was said about her death has come true. She marrying the King (Robert Baratheon) and not the Prince (Rhaegar Targaryen); she being the Queen for a while, until a younger Queen comes (Margery) and takes everything dear to her; she having three golden children (Lanninster babies :P) and all three of them dying. However, one final prophecy about her death – “And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you”, is yet to come true. Valonqar refers to younger sibling.

Here is where the catch is. If you have followed the plot leak – Cersei will get aborted in the last episode of Season 7. Once that happens, she freaks out! She becomes mad – THE MAD QUEEN! She then thinks if she kills both her younger siblings, there is no way the prophecy will come true. Hence, The Mad Queen wants to kill Jamie as well. Jamie gets to know this. He confronts her. She plays the the Damsel in Distress card. They hug, but Cersei tries to kill Jamie. The slayer in him comes out to save the Kingdom / the Realm / his subject – whatever you call them. He chokes her and The Mad Queen dies. These Lannisters are bloody smart! After all, they always pay their debts!!!

Be a Dog!

What is so special in a dog? Before the cynophiles come barging in – that was a question on a good steed. The thing about dogs that sets them apart is their surreal crave for what we humans call – “unconditional love”. They may consider us masters, but they master the art of giving unconditional love. Now, enough with the so called formal laying down the base for this blog!

Have you ever seen how a dog’s eyes light up when it sees it favorite rubber toy, twig, pillow or ball? They light up with so much excitement that they don’t stop playing with it ever! A dog which has imprinted its love on your soggy old she during the first ever Game of Thrones episode, will not stop playing with it even after Jon Snow is resurrected! That is the level of excitement a dog has and that is the magnitude of love a dog can throw at something / someone.

Those moments of joy with your canine, those moments of sadness with you pawsome friend and those heartbreaks that your lovable licker licked away – they are all part of this welcome obsession that a dog has on you. No matter how much cushion it chews off your favorite couch, that guilt stare will melt your heart. Likewise, no matter how much hatred you throw at your dog, it will light up every moment it sees you, with a hope that you will offer your soothing love at least once.

If you can understand this simple connect, you will understand the value of unconditional love in a relationship. If you understand the value of unconditional love, you will learn to give it unconditionally. A dog will always come back and try to light up your world, because you light up its world. A dog has that “OMG! My hooman is here! Love! Wooof!” look on its face every time it sees you. It just lives for making its hooman happy!

This feel of perennial excitement and unconditional love is what two people need in a relationship. Because, once you leave him / her for a silly reason, he / she is gone forever. You will feel like an abandoned dog in the middle of nowhere. A dog feels happy when it is set free, from it leash, into this wide free world. However, eventually the excitement fades. It longs for its hooman! Likewise, it may all seem happy-totty in the beginning and yes, it will continue to do so if you rightfully freed yourself from a wrong person! But, when you do find that right person – that person who lights up your whole world – that person who will give anything for you – BE A DOG!


Theories! Theories, Everywhere!


One thing that you will surely come across if you consider yourself a Westerosi, is the countdown – the countdown that adds meaning to our lives! The countdown to witness our existence cease with some breathtaking drama. Yes, I am taking about “Game of Thrones”

In this game, you either scream or become a boring impression of your past. There has been a lot of theories about how this epic shit is going to end. Theories which make the “String Theory” seem mundane. Yes, the geek in the blurted that out. I thought, let me pen on of mine. Thou shall be christened as “Vestan Sīr” theory. For people who wonder what does this weird phrase mean – too bad you aren’t Valyrian yet.

Well, I started to believe that Jamie Lannister is a much nicer than he was. Per the prophecy, Cersei thought Tyrion will cause her death. However, the recent happenings suggest, Jamie might be the one who puts her through the sword. Because, his life is not complete yet. In a world where we crib about gender equality, how can one accept that there is only a “King” slayer. There should be some parity! We need a “Queen” slayer as well – enter Jamie! Jamie, thus will restore parity and be called the “Just” slayer, “Universal” slayer or “Slayer beyond genders”.

Well, now with Cersei out of the picture, Jamie needs someone – if you know what I mean. He seems to have an affinity for strong and crazy women. With Danerys and Yuron coming to the King’s Landing, Jamie gets pissed off at Cersei rawing it out with Yuron. Then, he develops feelings for Danaerys! Jamie and Danaerys end up together with Danaerys set to rule the Iron throne. However, Quaif return with her “Assiah” thing. Let’s pause here!

Meanwhile, our very old “King in the North” Jon Snow, meets his aunt Danerys at Dragonstone and asks for her help in the War that Matters. She says she needs proof and sends him off. Jon captures a wight along with the others, but Tyrion convinces Danny that Jon doesn’t lie. When Jon and company gets surrounded – enter Danaerys with her badass Dragons. Viserion gets turned into an Ice-Dragon. Now, the dragon parity is restored. This is war!!!

The search party returns to the wall and Jon trumpets for a complete all-out strategy. Enter Sam – he comes with the secret to forge the Sword that will end it all. But, there must be a sacrifice – but, I don’t know why. Meanwhile, Sansa and Arya kill Little finger. The truth about Jon has already been long revealed by Little Finger, while Arya overhears it. Thus, the kill!

Meanwhile, Bran does his green-sight thing and finds out that HE is THE NIGHT KING! The Night King is killed and Bran lives. But, the crazy part is – It is all a cycle! And, it repeats! Valar Morghulis!

Keep Calm and Green Sight!

So, here I am sitting with a million thoughts whizzing past my mind. Every ounce of it carries a ton of hope, despair, trust and joy! The music! Ah, the small tings and tongs! The light of the Seven, they say. Yes, I am a GoT fanatic.

Never have I felt this calm rage – Like an ocean – a dark blue one – with smooth and wavy curls of water. Yet, it rages beneath, from the very bottom. The music is taking it’s toll now. I am getting into that trance. Still mild tings and tongs! There you go the opera started. Time to pen down some philosophies.

I can relate myself to a small boat defying the odds in the vast blue! The boat can be swiveled and thrown, yet is never gives up. Because, I am the one sailing it. Ah! The music is making me do this!!! Bear with me, this will end soon.

This picture of a small boat, defying all odds and maneuvering tides, motivates and scares me! The ocean is full of many things. Things that will scare you and carry you. It is up to us to steer and tread the water properly. For life is no different than a ocean. The tides take you up, down, forward and behind. Yet, you peek your head above and float – sail and tread. Life will take you 360 degrees. Yet, the adversity of it decreases with the longevity of your persistence.

Certain ends open doors to a new beginning. As clichéd as it may sound, it is the essence of our existential entropy. Quivering at a major blip will narrow your vision and you may totally oversee how effective a Launchpad it could be. I hit a blip, but I used it as a propeller and steered clear of rough seas. But this life has a weird habit called “Cycle”. For every crest, there is a trough. But, I ain’t getting sucked into the trough.

I see the cycle as time travel – in GoT terms – Green Sight! Yes, we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. But, I am going to rewrite time – for a happy future! And folks, the opera has ended.